The New Orleans Writers Residency has shut down operations.

Read our wind-down announcement on our blog.
As of Sept 2022, our residency program wound down operations. This page will stay up a bit for archival purposes.



What Is The New Orleans Writers' Residency?

The New Orleans Writers' Residency is a writers' collective in the heart of New Marigny, a culturally rich neighborhood close to the French Quarter. The Residency provides space for writers to step away from their lives and focus on writing in the comfort of a restored 19th-century shotgun double.

In every culture, writers have played an important role in both society and revolution by voicing unspoken truths. This January, the NOLA Writers' Residency will offer a small group of writers a four-week writing retreat to focus on getting better at doing just that. The retreat will cover lodging, airfare up to $350, and a stipend of $200 per week to cover food and entertainment. During those four weeks, you will have complete freedom to plan your time in ways that best support your writing and build lifelong connections with other writers.

For more information, check out the FAQ.